Tame Impala live in Jakarta

It was cloudy and stuffs, rain just ended and the traffic quadrupled everywhere. It didn’t stop kids from coming to Senayan South Parking Area, the venue of Tame Impala’s South East Asia Tour gig though. Hundreds of kids lining up patiently chatting with their peers in front of the gate before it opened while others chillin’ sporadically taking a smoke or two sitting around the venue. There were also spectacles of panders seeking for tickets to resale them and bootleg t-shirt vendors started to pop up and drink vendors were everywhere offering cold refreshing drinks to the already cold weather.

6 pm sharp the gate opened, and kids rushing to the front of the stage securing their positions to get close as possible with the Australian band. The venue packed fast, it is obvious since the pre-sale ticket sold out in just two hours. The show was almost sold out and kids didn’t want to miss the ARIA Award 2015 Album of the Year Winner and Grammy 2014 nominee. Barasuara opened the gig playing songs from their debut album, warming the already hyped up crowd. After Barasuara, the already warm concert climate becomes hotter; it seems that there was a second wave of kids filling the venue, making the packed concert becomes double packed. And there were some of them that couldn’t enter the venue, a sold out concert I guess.

After teasing the crowd using visuals, the Perth native Kevin Parker and his bandmates came out to the stage. Playing their repertoire from Innerspeaker, Lonerism and their latest album Currents, Tame Impala made the crowd sweat singing along, clapping hands, humming, and having a good trip thanks to the fuzzy funky beat and dreamy trippy visuals. Songs like Let It Happen, Moment, Mind Mischief, Elephant, Alter Rgo and Eventually rocked the kids like no other, and Tame Impala left the stage.

But, but where’s Feels Like We Only Going Backwards? There’s no way the last gig from their South East Asia Tour ended without the hit single from Lonerism album. After the classic encore battlecry “We want more” chanted by the crowd,  Tame Impala came up to the stage one more time to make the crowd trippy by playing the hit single before ending the gig with New Person, Same Old Mistakes.

Kids queued to exit the venue happily, thanking tame impala for the experience and totally forgot about the rain and traffic that happened earlier. And yeah, they once again chillin’ outside the venue taking a smoke and sipping refreshing drinks offered by street vendors, before they went home. Or went to somewhere else.

(Photograph and words by: Denan Bagus)