Picturing Punk at Release The Piss Vol. 1

I was delighted to rediscover everything I love about picturing punk at Release The Piss vol. 1 in the past few weeks, where I could see Total Jerks, Cumloud, The Rang Rangs, The Kuda, Tarrkam, and Dental Surf Combat.

Punk may be loosely defined by anger, but this show has been about energy, mostly positive energy at that. The whole crowd was dancing and moshing, Borneo Beerhouse was full of childlike fun. It was everything a show should be and everything life at its best should be—messy, freeing, joyous, wild and bringing people together.

We could all take away something important from this show, whether you like punk rock or these particular bands. Release The Piss showed its best that night. Everyone there was glad to be together. Release The Piss can be that open and community-oriented all the time if we just remember we’re all in this city and this moment together.  (Photographs and words: Agung Hartamurti)

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