Soundrenaline as the Biggest Music Festival in Indonesia

Soundrenaline has proved itself as the largest music festival in Indonesia. Through a series of events since 2002, Soundrenaline always able to deliver a spectacular event in experiencing music, complete with a variety of activities that invite the audience to actively participate and inspire each other.

This year, we feel fortunate to be involved in Soundrenaline Blogger Tour 2014. We got the opportunity to be a witness of the amazing Soundrenaline in two different cities, Surabaya (May 10) and Medan (June 7). We were also visit unique places along the way.

House of Sampoerna

House of Sampoerna

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In Surabaya, we had the opportunity to visit the House of Sampoerna, a Dutch colonial-style museum located in old Surabaya and was built around the year 1862.  The typical aroma of tobacco have welcomed us just as we entered the museum area. During our time in the House of Sampoerna, Liem Seeng Tee (founder of Sampoerna) tell us about the unyielding spirit, encouraging us to dare to dream and make it happen, as it has been done during his great life.

Submarine Monument Surabaya

Submarine Monument Surabaya

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The next day before heading to Lenmarc Field, the location where Soundrenaline was held this year, we had time to visit the Submarine Monument, the largest submarine in Asia, located on the river side Kalimas, Surabaya. The monument was built based on the idea of the elders Navy Submarine Force officers to create a new tourist area in East Java. Submarine Monument existence itself is intended to be a historical heritage that reflects Indonesia as the State Maritime, as well as the form of dedication to the brave officers who have fought to defend this country.

Tjong A Fie Mansion, Medan

Tjong A Fie Mansion

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In Medan, we visited the Tjong A Fie Mansion. In the 1920s, there lived a businessman of Chinese descent named Tjong A Fie. He was the richest man at the time who owned Kesawan Bank, numbers of railroads in China, and almost all of plantations in Sumatra. Now, Tjong A Fie residence has been turned into a museum that is very well maintained. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the residence of one of the Indonesian great figures.

Soundrenaline 2014 ‘Voice of Choice’

Burgerkill live at Soundrenaline 2014, Voice of Choice

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Both in Surabaya, and Medan, we get a very special experience. Both in visiting inspiring places, and attending Soundrenaline, the biggest rock festival in Indonesia. And this year, Soundrenaline 2014 came with a theme of ‘Voice of Choice’. The theme was a continuation of the democratic party frenzy, this is where the audience itself were able to determine wich albums will be played by the bands on the stage.

Like album that records loads of songs, Soundrenaline have saved as many career history of Indonesian musicians. Such as Slank, which both in Surabaya and Medan, still managed to confirm the name as an ultimate-headliner of the festival.

Inevitably, Soundrenaline is the most consistent rock festival in the country, and makes the local musicians as the great masters in their own land.  If a picture represents a thousand words, imagine if it packed into a gallery? Here is our photo galleries of our trip during Soundrenaline Blogger Tour 2014: