IROCKUMENTARY.CLUB was brought to life in 2009. The collective consists of photographers who specialize in a form of documentary that is known as music photography. For years, IROCKUMENTARY.CLUB has been a showcase of Indonesia’s best music photography gallery, bearing witness to the most notable moments of history. IROCKUMENTARY proudly extends this tradition, exploring how photography, video, and visual culture help to shape and define the modern world.

The aim of this site is to promote the work of its members and emerging music photographers in general. It also aims to create a collective body of work, as well as to shape visual awareness of the public sphere through the medium of photography, phodiography (photos that defines photographers’ interpretation about some songs), guest curators, zine, workshops, and exhibitions.

While each member has their own individual style, which demonstrates the breadth and depth of the medium, they all have something in common: love of hard work, patience, the ability to anticipate events by putting themselves in the right place at the right time and instinctive understanding of when to capture those moments of significance that occur fleetingly in the frame.

Finally, please know that we’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of it all. We hope that our efforts to constantly challenge, surprise, and enlighten our visitors will continue to make IROCKUMENTARY.CLUB your favorite destination for great music documentary.


General Inquiries:

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Jl. Pancoran Timur II No. 4, Jakarta Selatan